New antibiotic found in Mexican jungle

October 9, 2019  19:14

A news antibiotic, called phazolicin, found in the Mexican jungle, may help lead to a new plant probiotic as well as new antibiotics, both of which could help in the fight against antibiotic resistance, IFL Science reported

It was found in a tropical forest in Los Tuxtlas (Mexico), in the soil and roots of wild beans called Phaseolus vulgaris. Scientists are confident that on its basis it is possible to create both agricultural substances and medicines for people, HighTech + reported.

Antibiotic resistance is a huge problem both in medicine and in agriculture. The constant search for new antibiotics is very important, as they can become clues for future antibacterial agents.

The phazolicin producing bacterium is a previously unknown species of Rhizobium. Researchers have noticed that during periods of drought, bacteria support plants, and during the extremely rainy season they help regulate moisture intake and counteract fungal root diseases. According to preliminary tests, they also positively affect the human body.

Scientists hope that their discovery will allow them to develop medicines to which bacteria have not yet developed resistance.

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