Drops for eyes with antibodies to help fight dry eye syndrome

October 14, 2019  22:40

Scientists from the University of Illinois identified antibodies of a special type in the lacrimal fluid - anti-citrulline proteins. Based on these antibodies, a tool was created that significantly improved the condition of patients with dry eye syndrome.

Dry eye syndrome is a deviation caused by abnormalities in the lacrimal fluid, which leads to dryness on the surface of the cornea. It is expressed in increased sensitivity to light, in discomfort and pain in the eyes.

According to News-Medical.net, in a syndrome of neutrophils, such as white blood cells, the strings are pulled and form networks on the surface of the eyes causing inflammation. Research has shown that anti-citrulline proteins are another source of inflammation. 

A new tool in the form of eye drops treats dry eyes, breaking this vicious circle generated by the immune system.

The tool was tested on 27 volunteers, which were divided into two groups. The first instilled a new remedy (one drop in each eye two times a day for eight weeks). The control group received placebo drops. The use of antibody-based eye drops gave a statistically significant reduction in the degree of corneal damage after eight weeks. Also, the number of pro-inflammatory biomarkers of the disease was reduced in volunteers from the main group.

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