Armenian minister: Food safety policy development must be returned to health ministry

October 21, 2019  17:59

Food safety policy development needs to be returned to the Armenian health minister, Armenian Health Minister told repoters.

According to him, today the health ministry has no functions either in the sphere of food quality control or in the development of a policy in this area. The control today is carried out by the food safety inspection body, and as regards the development of policies, it was transferred back to the agriculture ministry in 2008, which then merged with economy ministry, which is now developing food safety policies.

"It is normal that the functions are divided and that there is an inspection body and a policy making body. But it’s not normal that the health ministry is not involved in the development of policies in this area, because food safety is directly related to people's health," he said. "We want to return the development of food safety policy to the helath ministry,, as no one knows this topic better than healthcare professionals."

According to him, it will be difficult, of course, but "we believe that it will be right if the health ministry is responsible for developing food policy."

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