Man has cake topper stuck in his throat for week

October 24, 2019  09:40

The American so quickly ate a cupcake for Mother’s Day that he didn’t notice how he completely swallowed the topper with the inscription “Happy Mother's Day”, which was in his throat for a week before the doctors discovered it, Fox News reported.

A 60-year-old man turned to the emergency department after he had a sore throat, fever, difficulty swallowing and a sensation that something was stuck in his throat. The man told doctors that his symptoms started about a week ago after he ate a muffin on Mother's Day.

But at Johns Hopkins, doctors ordered a CT scan, which showed "a 5-cm foreign body" in his esophagus, they wrote.

The man underwent an upper endoscopy, a procedure in which doctors use a thin tube with a camera to look in the esophagus.

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