Girl,13, loses her eyesight due to unsuccessful cosmetic procedure

October 26, 2019  13:42

A 13-year-old girl from Vietnam lost her eyesight due to an unsuccessful cosmetic procedure at the spa, AsiaOne reported.

The girl had long dreamed of plastic surgery, since she did not like the shape of her nose.

The procedure for correcting the shape of the nose with an injection of hyaluronic acid cost 2 million dong (about $ 86) in the cabin. The girl did not have that kind of money, and the owner of the establishment allowed to pay the installment procedure.

Half an hour after the injection, her eyesight deteriorated sharply, and she called the parents who drove her to the hospital.

It turned out that the hyaluronic acid introduced during the procedure blocked the blood vessel, which supplies oxygen to the retina of the right eye. Disruption of blood supply led to the death of the retina and part of the tissues on the nose and forehead of the girl.

Doctors believe that it will not be possible to repair the damaged eye.

Photo: Vietnam News / Asia News Network

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