Man with lung cancer marries his girlfriend 7 hours before death

October 28, 2019  12:00

A wedding was organized for 33-year-old Gary Smart, dying of lung cancer in Britain hospital, Daily Mail reported.

Gary had complaints of poor health and chest pain in July; he lost weight and did not sleep well. In late September, he was diagnosed with lung cancer in the last stage. Doctors warned that he had only a few days to live.

The patient said that he would like to die a married man, thus they arranged a wedding ceremony right in the hospital. 

'He managed to say his vows and put the ring on my finger and give me a kiss. That night I laid in bed with him. We watched Fast and Furious 8 as he was into cars. I managed to fall asleep and woke up when the call button went off at 3am.

Tragically, just seven hours later Gary passed away with his new bride at his side.

Photo: Laura Smart

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