Fatal diet: Young woman, 20, dies from trying to lose weight before vacation

October 30, 2019  13:03

Lindsey Bone, 20, from London, UK, dief as she wanted to lose a few pounds before the holidays, The Sun reported.

The studant of the University of Sussex was found unconscious on April 5.

During the trial, it turned out that Lindsay, wanting to lose weight for the upcoming trip, adhered to a strict diet, periodically went hungry, and she was found dead in her bed after taking diet pills before a holiday.

When coroner’s officer Claire Rogers visited Lindsey's room, she found a food diary with rules such as “eat no more than 1,200 calories a day”, “carbs only once a day if at all”, “stay at the library and don’t eat”, snack on fruit and “take your f*****g apple cider vinegar”.

Pathologist Dr Catherine Guy examined her body.

"The only positive finding from blood tests was a slightly high acid level in the blood [acidosis]. It was not at a level we would normally consider as a fatal level but it was a lot higher than usual. Your body has a natural way of balancing acid and alkali and that can be affected by diet, very high protein and low fat diets, especially if there has been fasting. Apple cider vinegar is a food supplement. There is not much information on the effect it could have. Obviously the vinegar is acidic and we don’t know how many she was taking at once," she said.

Photo: Lindsey Bone's Facebook page

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