New vaccine demonstrates effectiveness against active tuberculosis

October 30, 2019  23:49

The experimental vaccine M72 / AS01E, developed by GlaxoSmithKline, has been recorded to be effective against the most common form of tuberculosis,

According to The Daily Mail, the vaccine was tested in Africa on 3600 volunteers with latent tuberculosis. The vaccine prevented the latent form of the disease from becoming active in 50% of cases. The effect persisted for two years, after which it was slightly disappearing.

The tuberculosis vaccine already exists today, but it is not very effective and is indicated only for young children. Scientists have long been working on a vaccine that would be effective for adults.

The new vaccine consists of bacteria-derived proteins that allow the body to develop an immune response.

Half of the volunteers were given two doses of the vaccine every month. The rest was given a placebo. The observation period was three years, while 13 people in the main group and 26 people in the control group received full tuberculosis by the end of the experiment.

Although 50% efficiency is not the most outstanding result, this indicator is encouraging and can really change the situation in the world.

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