Scientists develop new generation non-invasive blood glucose meter

October 31, 2019  15:30

Russian specialists have developed a non-invasive glucose monitoring system, Remedium reported.

The measurement takes place without painful puncture of the skin - by evaluating tissue conductivity in real time. The system was already tested on volunteers and showed good results. Now preparations are underway for launching into mass production.

“This device is the first domestic prototype of a system for monitoring the concentration of glucose in biological media, which has no officially registered analogues in Russia, said the deputy head for research and scientific affairs for the hospital after Vishnevsky Alexander Alekhnovich.

According to him, for the first time, the possibility of long-term non-invasive monitoring of glucose levels with a programmable measurement frequency and remote transmission of results was realized.

“The system also allows you to determine carbohydrate depletion in athletes and measure the level of performance,” he added.

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