MRI for fields: How modern technology can help solve problem of food shortages

October 31, 2019  18:40

Even in the 21st century, the problem of industrial safety is quite acute, and about 800 million people in the world are starving today, IntelinAir CEO Al Eisaian told Medicine.

According to him, the problem is not at the lack of food: a sufficient amount of food is produced in the world, but due to problems with infrastructures and logistics, these products often do not reach the regions where they are most needed: much more food is produced than required in the developed countries, and much is spoiled and thrown away, while in poor countries food is often scarce.

As he noted, another problem lies in the insufficient efficiency of modern agriculture. The fields and resources available today could be used more efficiently, resulting in much more food. But somewhere today, for example, only 20 bushes of corn are grown on an acre of land, and somewhere else - 180-200.

What comes to reports on GMOs, according to the expert: it also does not contribute to solving problems with food security. The GMO issue, according to Eisaian, should finally be considered from a scientific point of view, and not from a political one.

IntelinAir uses machine learning technology to capture and analyze detailed images of fields from seed planting to harvest. AGMRI is for fields: it provides a lot of valuable information necessary for making the right decisions.

AGMRI analyzes information obtained from various sources, uses airborne images, data on temperature, humidity, rain, soil samples, type of terrain, equipment used, planting rates, and so on, to give the most complete picture of the field condition for the current season.

Eisaian is very optimistic about the use of artificial intelligence and other modern technologies to solve food security problems: it is possible that these technologies will be able to solve at least part of these problems. 

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