Chinese man, 75, nearly dies choking on his own denture

November 1, 2019  13:17

A 75-year-old Chinese man nearly died, choking on his own denture, Fox News reported

Zhu Benbiao from eastern China had breathing problems when his family took him to the hospital.

An X-ray showed that one of his two dentures was stuck in the lower part of his throat, and it took a four-hour emergency operation to remove it.

“One end was in his esophagus, and the other in his windpipe, sticking out of his glottis,” Dr. Chen Zeyu, the hospital’s chief gastroenterologist, told AsiaWire. “We cut open his windpipe, kept him breathing with the help of a tube, and then removed the dentures by pulling them from his glottis. It was hard, but we managed to get it out in the end.”

According to family members, dentures hit the throat eight hours before surgery. They believe that the man swallowed them while eating, but did not report any problems until they noticed that it was hard for him to breathe.

Photo: AsiaWire

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