How many vitamin D deficient people recorded in Armenia? New data from Astghik MC

November 14, 2019  12:05

Vitamin D deficiency today is considered a serious problem worldwide, leading to a number of disorders in the body. The laboratory of Astghik MC collects statistics on analyzes for the level of vitamin D in order to have a clear idea of the situation with the level of this vitamin in Armenia.

As Marina Manukyan, the head of the Astghik MC laboratory told Medicine, she along with her colleagues analyzed data on 8040 analyzes carried out over three years. All studies were carried out on a Cobas E411 apparatus manufactured by Roche, according to the electrochemiluminescence method, which is considered one of the most accurate and reliable methods in the world.

The norm of the level of vitamin D according to this method is 30-75 ng / ml, she said.

In 2016, 2,200 studies were performed on the level of vitamin D in Astghik MC, and only 7% of patients had efficient level of vitamin D.

In 2017, Astghik specialists analyzed data collected over two years: 4000 studies. At this point, people with vitamin D levels 10 times lower than normal were already only 0.4% instead of 4%. But the number of people with normal levels of vitamin D has increased from 7% to 20%.

In 2018, the laboratory of the medical center conducted 4040 studies and the total number of studies over 3 years reached 8040.

The situation has changed markedly by 2018: only two patients recorded with vitamin D levels 10 times lower than normal, while in 2016 this figure was several times higher.

Today, 22.2% of people who have passed the analysis have a normal level of vitamin D.

“Our data show that over the past three years, the situation with vitamin D in the country has changed markedly, but the problem of deficiency is still relevant,” she said.


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