Autophagy to help with diabetes

November 20, 2019  13:10

Many patients with diabetes suffer from vascular damage, both large and small. This leads to dangerous consequences for the whole organism. Damage to capillaries causes blindness, chronic kidney disease, or gangrene, which is fraught with amputation, HighTech + reported referring to Science Daily.

According to Korean researchers at Yonsei University, autophagy can prevent vascular dysfunction in diabetes. This natural process cleans cells of unnecessary components, but in patients with diabetes, it seems to be disturbed.

During the experiment, scientists injected autophagy-stimulating drugs into experimental mice with an analogue of type 2 diabetes.

A subsequent analysis of the diameter of the small arteries confirmed that the technique really improves vascular health.

The authors hope that they will be able to tailor the findings of the discovery to treat people with diabetes.

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