Loss of libido in menopausal women often linked to their partner's erectile dysfunction

November 22, 2019  13:29

Loss of libido in menopausal women is often connected with erectile dysfunction of their husbands. Fall in hormones is the reason why women undergoing the menopause endure a loss of libido, Daily Mail reported.

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh conducted a poll among quizzed 36 women over the age of 60 about their low libido and discovered that lack of sexual drive was conditioned by their partner's difficulty to maintain an erection.

Some women admitted that problems with erection make sex less satisfying and provoke difficult conversations with their husbands. Men do not want to discuss their dysfunction, thus women become more interested in sex.

According to NHS, around half of the men aged 40-70 are to some extent suffering from erectile dysfunction.

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