New material found to protect surfaces of phones, medical instruments from dangerous bacteria

December 2, 2019  12:03

Mobile phones usually accumulate a huge amount of bacteria, and scientists from ITMO University, Russia, propose to cope with this problem with the help of a new transparent material based on zinc oxide. This material can cleanse itself of greasy stains and even destroy dangerous bacteria,TASS reported.

Zinc oxide has long been used in toothpastes, dental instruments, cosmetics and various medical supplies.

Western scientists suggest using this compound for disinfecting open wounds and surgical sutures, and also as a main component for ultra-efficient deodorants, as studies have shown that nanoparticles and zinc oxide solution effectively kill microorganisms that give sweat an unpleasant odor.

And Russian experts suggest creating very thin, transparent bactericidal coatings for glass from this compound. They managed to incorporate zinc oxide crystals into organic polymer molecules that can be easily applied to the surface of other materials. And if you add tin oxide, it will enhance the antibacterial properties of the coating. The basis for the coating is the water-soluble polymer povidone.

Thus, it will be possible to protect not only telephones, but also medical instruments and devices from dangerous bacteria. It can be applied to surfaces in clinics to reduce the risk of spreading nosocomial infections.

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