Unison NGO head: Persons with disabilities in Armenia can't live independently

December 2, 2019  14:26

The most painful issue for persons with disabilities in Armenia is lack of access that doesn’t enable them to live independently. This is what Head of Unison NGO Armen Alaverdyan told journalists today.

“I won’t need an assistant or a car, if there are accommodations. I can enter any venue alone with an electronic wheelchair. Persons with disabilities in Armenia depend on their families and close ones,” he said.

Employment for persons with disabilities is another issue.

“In 2005, Unison NGO established the first employment center for disabled persons in Armenia, and hundreds of people found jobs. There are at least 100,000 persons with disabilities in Armenia who have the potential to work, but only 8.9% of them work. Those people can help the country by working and paying taxes,” Armen Alaverdyan stated.

The head of Unison NGO also stated that the quality of rehabilitation services in Armenia is not very high.

According to him, there are two bills on the rights of persons with disabilities that are ratified by the UN Convention, but they haven’t been adopted since 2010. He added that persons with disabilities also face problems with receiving the status of disability.

Alaverdyan also mentioned that the NGO will be depriving persons with disabilities from state benefit starting on January 1 and that those persons haven’t been notified about the reason.

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