At what age should one start testing with hereditary predisposition to cancer?

December 9, 2019  20:26

At what age should preventive examinations be started with a hereditary predisposition to cancer? The head of the oncology department of MONICA, doctor Alexander Allahverdyan, claims that information about close relatives who have developed cancer diseases can help to figure this out.

Ten years should be taken away from the age of death of a relative who had cancer. It is during this period that regular examinations should begin. If, for example, the father died of cancer at the age of 56, a person needs to start an examination every year after 46 years, he said.

According to the oncologist, if a person has a 'bad' heredity, the examination should be done regularly, constantly keeping his condition under control.

“Each person should undergo fluorography once a year, and donate blood. Women need to visit a gynecologist once every six months and at least once a week to examine the mammary glands for the presence of suspicious formations," he added.

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