Unique gel helps grow new organs for transplant

December 13, 2019  23:49

Some scientists today are trying to grow organs suitable for human transplantation in pigs, while others are working on growing copies of organs in the laboratory, Daily Mail reported.

Scientists received a gel from the intestines of animals, which, it turned out, perfectly supports the growth of organoids - structures created on the basis of human stem cells that completely imitate the shape and function of tissue or organ.

The gel, which until recently was used to grow organoids, was not suitable for real introduction into the human body (the method of implantation of organoids was tested only on animals). However, the new gel from pigs will be well tolerated, the researchers are sure.

Experiments have shown that pork gel effectively supports the growth of organoids in the small intestine, liver, stomach, pancreas. It provides the same stem cell support as artificial gels.

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