What foods can cause cancer and heart disease? Cardiologist's view

January 13, 2020  13:44

To prevent cancer and heart disease, it is necessary to reduce the amount of sugar-containing foods in the diet, said famous cardiologist Gamal Shaban (Egypt).

Fat cells are very active and are directly related to the development of cancer. In addition, those who eat too much sugar are more likely to block coronary arteries.

Cancer cells have an increased appetite for sugar, and also create inflammatory conditions that can lead to impaired heart function,  he said.

According to the cardiologist, it is necessary to reduce the amount of cookies, cakes and other desserts in the diet that contain a lot of sugar and refined carbohydrates. It is also undesirable to consume canned fruits in syrup, dried fruits and low-fat foods, as they often contain sweeteners.

Sweetened soft drinks and industrial juices are also dangerous, the specialist warns.

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