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Woman saves her newborn baby thanks to TV show

January 17, 2020  12:15

Daniel Sampson from UK has saved Fletcher's newborn son thanks to advice from This Morning's TV show.

When the child stopped breathing, she was able to give him first aid, remembering the doctor’s advice from the TV show.

According to Wales Online, the very day after discharge from the hospital, the child began to experience difficulty breathing, breathing too often. He sneezed, clearing his airways, but after a deep breath they were again blocked.

Daniel took the child to the hospital, but a few minutes before he arrived at the medical facility, Fletcher stopped breathing. Mother tried to turn it on his stomach, but it did not help. Then she remembered an episode from the program This Morning, where the doctor showed how to do artificial respiration to infants.

The doctor in the program said that newborns mainly breathe through the nose, so they need to carry out artificial ventilation of the lungs through both the mouth and nose. Sampson was afraid to harm the baby, because before that she had trained to do artificial respiration only on mannequins, but she did everything right and saved her child.

The kid spent another three days in the hospital. Doctors suspected cystic fibrosis in the boy, as his older brother had this disease, but their fears were not confirmed. 3 months after the incident, the baby fully recovered.

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