5 spices good for health and figure

January 20, 2020  13:15

Spices not only make the dishes much tastier, but also good for health - and even for the figure.


The health benefits of turmeric have been proven by many studies. Researchers from Tsukuba University in Japan found that curcumin is as effective for the health of our blood vessels as an hour of sport.

Turmeric also reduces chronic inflammation, slows down aging, improves mood, fights depression and improves the condition of joints. 


Ginger is another spice that has antioxidant activity and has a protective effect on muscles.


The substance capsaicin, contained in hot chili peppers, has a positive effect on the gastric mucosa (if there are no diseases and contraindications). It is believed that it improves metabolism and promotes weight loss.

Pink pepper

It is believed that pink pepper has a beneficial effect on digestion and the gastrointestinal tract, and it also improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Pink pepper is also known for its antiviral and bactericidal action.


Coriander has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system: it will help strengthen the walls of blood vessels, normalize blood pressure and heart rate, and also helps prevent blood clots.

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