How to provide body with sufficient level of vitamin D?

January 23, 2020  09:42

The sufficient level of vitamin D in the body protects against the development of many diseases - from dementia to cancer.

Vitamin D is also essential for bone health, the immune system and balanced production of sex hormones. Unlike the vitamins of group B, as well as C and E, which we must constantly receive from the outside, our body can produce vitamin D independently. To do this, it needs UVB radiation.

According to experts, we can receive from 80 to 90% of the body’s need for vitamin D from sun. This is approximately 20 micrograms per day. The body can store excess vitamin D in storage rooms, which are located in the liver and adipose tissue. It uses these reserves in a low-light season.

However, despite the fact that vitamin D would seem to be so easy to obtain, many people have its deficiency.

The portal has published several tips on what can be done to provide the body with the necessary amount of vitamin D.

  • Go out for half an hour every day. Ultraviolet radiation is even during the cloudy weather
  • Eat eggs, oily fish, and mushrooms to satisfy the remaining 10–20% of vitamin D
  • If you suspect vitamin D deficiency, you can get tested it
  • In case of deficiency, the doctor will prescribe you additional drugs

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