New coronavirus death toll reaches 2,701

February 25, 2020  09:27

The death toll from the new coronavirus has risen to 2,701. In the past day alone, 71 people died in China, 1 person in South Korea, and another passenger on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

According to, the number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus infection is 80,150. A total of 27,672 patients recovered. But 49,777 patients are still in hospitals, and 9,214 (19 percent) of them are either in severe or critical condition.

Two more cases of the coronavirus infection have been diagnosed in Italy (the total number of patients there is 231 at present), and 60 new cases in South Korea (893 patients there at present).

According to recent reports, coronavirus was found in 61 patients in Iran and 12 respective deaths were recorded there. Iran ranks 7th in the most number of infected with this disease.

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