It makes no sense to use medical masks outdoors to protect against viruses, Armenian minister says

February 27, 2020  15:25

Thin medical masks sold in pharmacies do not provide significant protection against viruses. So using them outdoors is pointless, Armenian health minister Arsen Torosyan told reporters.

It makes sense to wear medical masks to the patients themselves so that drops and viruses do not enter the environment. A mask will not bring any benefits to healthy people.

According to the minister, there are special masks to protect oneself from the viruses as well as other items like special glasses that are designed for doctors working with infected people. Such masks are worn in hospitals, especially in infectious diseases wards, regardless of the outbreak of coronavirus.

According to the minister, there is a stock of medical masks for medical centers in Armenia - more than 150,000 pieces. Soon it is planned to purchase even more masks, despite the fact that prices have risen all over the word. The possibility of organizing the production of medical masks in Armenia is also being discussed.

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