Young woman, 26, goes blind after dyeing her whites black

February 28, 2020  13:30

Aleksandra Sadowska from the Polish city of Wroclaw went blind after getting her whites inked, The Sun reported.

Aleksandra decided to dye the whites of her eyes black. She was inspired by rap artist Popek, who dyed his whites in 2012.

The woman turned to the Wroclaw tattoo artist, who had never done such procedures before. He injected the usual tattoo paint into her eyeballs. When the girl complained of pain, the tattoo artist simply advised her to take pain medication.

"Unfortunately, for now, doctors do not give me much optimism for improvement," she said. "The damage is too deep and extensive — I'm afraid I will be completely blind.

The tattoo artist faces imprisonment of up to three years on charges of unintentionally severely disabling the woman.

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