Coronavirus death toll reaches 2,924

February 29, 2020  10:33

The number of coronavirus deaths has reached 2,924, worldwide, 85,212 cases have been confirmed, and 39,539 people have recovered.

According to, the new coronavirus has been recorded in 60 countries. Most cases are reported in China, followed by South Korea where there were 594 cases of the infection and one death in recent days. The total number of people infected there is 2,931, and the number of deaths is 17.
No new cases of the coronavirus have been reported in Italy in recent days, but a total of 889 people have been infected there, and 21 people have died.

A total of 388 infections and 34 deaths were reported in Iran; there are no new statistics from there yet. Many specialists note that the coronavirus deaths are significantly lower in other countries. It may mean that either the number of infected in Iran is actually higher, or the number of deaths is really higher there than in other countries.

There were 236 coronavirus infections and 5 deaths in Japan.

There are three more coronavirus patients in the US where the total number of infected is 66, but no deaths have been reported yet.

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