All restrictive measures taken to prevent coronavirus should be reviewed in 2-3 weeks, Armenia minister says

March 5, 2020  12:37

The situation on coronavirus is already under control in China and the growth rate of new infections and deaths decline there, said Armenia’s health minister Arsen Torosyan.

According to him, China was the first to take actions against coronavirus, and the results are already noticeable. But the situation is getting worse in other countries. Thus, the number of new infections and deaths is growing in South Korea, Italy, and Iran. Moreover, several hundred infections have been found recently in France, Germany, and Spain.

The situation is under control in Georgia and Russia, the minister said adding that he is in contact with colleagues from these countries and receives information on measures taken there.

According to Arsen Torosyan, if everything is done correctly, the infection will decline in 2-3 weeks in the European states. Armenia will also need to review all restrictive measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus by that time, including a review of the visa regime and communication with China.

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