Remote blood sampling technologies can be useful in fight against coronavirus, Noubar Afeyan claims

March 28, 2020  17:38

Modern technology can help humanity in the fight against coronavirus, well-known businessman Noubar Afeyan said during an online discussion on COVID-19.

According to him, remote blood sampling technologies can help organize testing for a large number of people.

He referred to a device that can be sent to a person by mail, and when he receives it, he will connect it to his hand. The device itself will take the desired amount of blood, after which the person will send it in an envelope to specialists.

According to him, Seventh Sense Biosystems has developed such a device - along with many other projects, and now their specialists have postponed all other projects to finalize this one.

Such technologies may be required very soon, when it will be necessary to test millions of people for coronavirus, but they cannot be called to hospitals for analysis.

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