Coronavirus death toll reaches 37,826 worldwide

March 31, 2020  10:48

There have been 3,840 deaths due to the novel coronavirus worldwide in the last day, and the total number of COVID-19 deaths has reached 37,826 worldwide.

According to, a total of 785,897 cases—62,773 new cases in one day—of coronavirus infection were registered worldwide, and 165,659 patients have already recovered.

Coronavirus has been detected in 200 countries. To date, the largest number of cases has been registered in the United States, with 164,266 infections and 3,170 deaths. Italy has the second highest number of infections, but is in first place in fatality, with 101,739 infected and 11,591 deaths.

Spain has 87,956 infected and 7,716 deaths, while China has 81,518 and 3,305, respectively. There are 66,885 infections and 645 deaths in Germany, and 44,550 and 3,024, respectively, in France. As for Iran, there have been 41,495 infections and 2,757 deaths there as per recent reports.

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