Armenia health minister: There may be more deaths from COVID-19 per day

May 21, 2020  16:21

Last year, Armenia reported about 75 deaths every day (for all reasons), and this year — about 69. This is what Minister of Health of Armenia Arsen Torosyan told reporters today.

According to him, the somewhat reduction of the mortality rate is due to the fact that there are fewer vehicles on the streets due to the lockdown, which is the reason why there are fewer injuries and deaths compared with last year. Torosyan added that this doesn’t mean that people can be at ease and that it is necessary to do everything possible to prevent the spread of the coronavirus so that the number of deaths doesn’t rise in Armenia, as it did in Italy, Spain and several other countries.

“If we don’t maintain the results we have, we might have 120-200 deaths per day, and this is a possible scenario, if we fail to repress the spread of the coronavirus,” he said.

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