New blood test helps assess physical condition of person

June 1, 2020  13:59

Scientists from Stanford University School of Medicine have developed a new test that will evaluate the physical condition of a person, Medical Express reported.

According to him, the authors of the development identified molecular markers associated with key biological processes, including metabolism, immunity, oxidative stress, and the work of the cardiovascular system. The performance of these markers was recorded in 36 volunteers at the time of intense exercise and before training.

These markers were tied to the peak VO2 test, which measures a person’s peak oxygen consumption during intense exercise. The scientists took blood samples from participants 2 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes after they had reached their peaks.

As it turned out, in the first two minutes after training there was an intense surge of molecular activity. "In most participants, molecular markers of inflammation, tissue healing and oxidative stress, a natural byproduct of metabolism, spiked sharply shortly after hopping off the treadmill, as their bodies began to recover," the source noted.

After 2 minutes, blood samples showed that the body metabolizes certain amino acids to generate energy. Switching to glucose uptake occurred after about 15 minutes.

The immune system of the people with insulin resistance weakened after exercise. While people in the good physical condition observed characteristic changes in indicators.

Scientists have compiled a collection of thousands of molecules, including markers of immunity, metabolism, and muscle activity, which correlate with human aerobic training. 

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