Strength training benefits patients with cirrhosis, scientists claim

June 13, 2020  19:42

Three hours of weekly strength training combined with protein supplements leads to both bigger and stronger muscles in patients with cirrhosis, MedicalXpress reported referring to a new study from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital.

"Our training project has demonstrated that strength training and protein supplements can break the vicious circle and rebuild muscles so that their muscles become stronger and bigger," says Luise Aamann from Aarhus University and the Aarhus University Hospital. She is a member of the research group behind the study.

The study, which they conducted with colleagues, lasted 12 weeks, and 39 patients with cirrhosis participated in it. Some patients did strength training one hour three times a week, while the rest were in a control group.

Both received recommendations from a nutritionist and protein supplements during the same period. All physical activity and protein intake were recorded in diaries.

"The group who trained increased both muscle strength and size during the twelve weeks of strength training compared to the control group. Furthermore, we found that both functional capacity and quality of life were improved among the members of the training group, and all things being equal, this will make it easier to take care of everyday chores," says Luise Aamann.

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