Specialist presents 3 simple rules to reduce spike in COVID-19 cases in Armenia in 2 weeks

July 14, 2020  11:18

Samvel Hovhannisyan, head of the Family Medicine Chair of the National Institute of Health told NEWS.am three simple rules that should be taken to reduce a spike in COVID-19 cases in Armenia in two weeks.

The rules are as follows: social distancing, wearing masks, and disinfecting hands.

According to the expert, people are not serious enough about the requirement to wear masks, and yet this is an important anti-epidemiological measure.

"Some people only wear masks when they see police officers," he noted.

According to him, people should understand that wearing a mask is a kind of mutual responsibility.

He added that many people today complain that it is difficult for them to breathe in masks. "Surgeons can operate in a mask for 7-8 hours," the specialist added.

According to him, if people follow these three rules then the COVID-19 spread in Armenia can be reduced in just two weeks.

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