How bad is it for your eyes to sleep with your contacts in?

September 13, 2020  16:20

Contacts - both contact and decorative - are very popular all over the world today, and Armenia is no exception. Unlike glasses, they do not limit the field of vision, do not hide part of the face, and have some other advantages. However, people who use contacts need to remember the safety rules.

As ophthalmologist Lusine Bekirska-Tamazyan told Medicine, contacts, including decorative ones, are not dangerous if they are used correctly with observing all hygiene rules.

For example, one cannot sleep without removing the contacts: this can lead to a number of issues from hypoxia - lack of oxygen - to corneal damage due to lens displacement during sleep.

It is also advisable not to swim with contacts amid various infections in the pool that can get under the contacts.

On the other hand, swimming without contacts and glasses is also not easy - especially if the person has very poor eyesight. However, careful care is advised.

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