Upset stomach can be mistaken for COVID-19, experts claim

November 9, 2020  12:22

An upset stomach can be mistaken for COVID-19, scientists from the University of Alberta, who analyzed 36 published studies on the COVID-19 symptoms, noted.

According to, the analysis showed that about 16% of those infected have gastroenterological symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, stomach pain. Abdominal MRI revealed signs of inflammation in the large and small intestines in these patients, and sometimes cysts on the intestinal walls.

In another 18% of patients, signs of gastrointestinal upset are manifested along with other symptoms of coronavirus infection: fever, shortness of breath.

According to scientists, doctors all over the world, when diagnosing, are guided primarily by respiratory symptoms, so atypical manifestations of an infection such as issues with the gastrointestinal tract are often underestimated.

Also, patients often attribute these symptoms to a common gastrointestinal disorder and do not visit a doctor.

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