Multivitamins offer no real health benefits, study claims

November 12, 2020  14:37

Many people today take multivitamins, thinking that it helps to improve their health, but new research from Harvard University shows that this is just self-hypnosis: tests show no difference between people who take vitamins and those who do not.

According to The Telegraph, scientists analyzed data from over 21,600 American adults who talked about taking dietary supplements and gave a subjective assessment of their health. Also, a survey and analysis were carried out, which made it possible to objectively determine the state of health of these people. About one in five study participants regularly took a multivitamin or other dietary supplement.

Those who took supplements rated their health 30% better than people who did not take supplements. But analyzes showed that there were no objective differences in these groups, either in psychological, physical, or functional characteristics. Thus, multivitamins are not likely to improve overall health. Vitamin supporters simply believe in the effectiveness of supplements with positive expectations for their health benefits.

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