Risks of getting COVID-19 when boarding a plane?

April 29, 2021  14:40

The risk of contracting the coronavirus when boarding a plane depends on the order in which you board, Royal Society Open Science reported.

According to the study, filling the spaces from the tail to the nose increases the risk of infection compared to accidental seating.

Amid a decrease in the COVID-19 incidence in the US, some airlines to encourage people to use planes, have changed the procedure for seating passengers, starting to fill the seats in the tail. They thought this reduced the risk of infection because people did not pass by those who had already sat down.

To test this hypothesis, the researchers carried out computer simulations of 16,000 possible passenger movements in the cabin. As it turned out, this approach only increases the incidence of coronavirus by 50% because there are crowds of people trying to place their luggage at the same time on the same shelves.

The researchers also noticed that avoiding carry-on baggage reduced the risk of transmitting the virus regardless of boarding method. In addition, infestation can be reduced by filling the window seats first.

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