About 0.1% of Armenia residents is vaccinated against coronavirus

May 4, 2021  11:20

YEREVAN. – Solely about 0.1% of the population in Armenia has been vaccinated against COVID-19. American Armenian surgeon Shant Shekherdimian told about this to a press conference Tuesday.

According to him, this number is very low compared to other countries. For example, about 60 percent of the population in Israel is already vaccinated against the coronavirus; in Azerbaijan, the percentage of those vaccinated reaches 9, in Turkey—16, in Russia—8.5, and in Georgia—1.1.

And around the world, according to the expert, about 1 billion doses of vaccines against COVID-19 have already been used, and about 7 percent of the planet's population has already been vaccinated.

As per Shekherdimian, the number of vaccinated people in Armenia has started to grow in recent days, but there is still a lot of work to be done in this regard.

According to him, inoculations are the only real way out of this pandemic and the chance to return to normal life.

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