When do people become main carriers of COVID-19 new strains?

June 14, 2021  12:27

Young people are more likely to tolerate COVID-19 when infected with new strains of COVID-19, and at the same time, they are the main carriers of the infection, the Russian specialist told RIA Novosti.

The clinical manifestations of COVID-19 have slightly changed, but do not go beyond the known spectrum of ARVI symptoms, meeting mainly among young people, who for the most part tolerate the disease more easily. At the same time, is the main source of infection, actively spreading COVID-19 without realizing the consequences of their frivolous behavior, said the specialist.

According to Ria.ru, most often the symptoms of infection with new strains of coronavirus resemble seasonal SARS, so young people do not take them seriously and continue to lead their normal lives. But at the same time, they spread the virus, infecting the people around them.

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