Arthur Abraham donated reanimobiles to University Hospitals

June 16, 2021  10:49

Boxer, world champion Arthur Abraham donated 2 reanimobiles to YSMU (Yerevan State Medical University) with the support of ''Tovmasyan'' Charity Foundation.

Armen Minasyan, Vice-Rector of Clinical Affairs, thanked to the guests on behalf of the Medical University for the donation and said that one of the reanimobiles will serve ''Muratsan'' University complex and the other will serve ''Mikayelyan'' University complex.

Benefactor Arman Mailyan, who arrived from Barcelona, mentioned that the reanimobiles were made in Germany and brought from Spain. According to him, some of the reanimobiles brought to Armenia were sent to Artsakh.

It should be noted that the new comfortable ambulances are equipped with all the necessary equipment for emergency medical care and resuscitation.

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