5 mistakes people make while having breakfast

July 7, 2021  09:47

Many people are having breakfast, which leads to problems like bloating, and also negatively affects their figure, as reported by Eat This, Not That!

Nutritionists have identified five of the most common mistakes people make when preparing and eating breakfast.

The first mistake is considered to be breakfast consisting only of simple carbohydrates, mainly sweets. Such a breakfast will not satisfy hunger and will badly affect the figure.

“Foods like these are devoid of nutrients you eat only calories that lead to high blood sugar levels,” said nutritionist Trista Best.

Alternatively, she suggests eating whole grain bread with a little nut butter for breakfast.

According to experts, breakfasts high in sugar can increase hunger and overeat during the day.

Experts also advise against skipping your morning meal and advise choosing hearty foods. Nutritionist and sports nutrition author Amy Goodson believes skipping breakfast leads to overeating throughout the day. She recommends choosing eggs, fruit and whole-grain toast, oatmeal with peanut butter, or smoothies with yogurt, fruit, milk, and nut butter.

Lack of protein also negatively affects health and shape. According to Goodson, adding protein to breakfast will help stabilize blood sugar levels and help you stay full longer.

The speed of food intake also matters: if a person eats too fast, he does not feel full and often overeats.

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