Consumption of red meat may be linked to higher risk of cardiovascular disease, says research

July 24, 2021  13:40

Lovers of beef, pork, mutton, and other red meat products may have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and the largest studies to date have confirmed this.

To stay healthy, researchers recommend eating chicken or turkey instead of red meat.

In their respective publication, researchers from the University of Oxford conducted a study of 13 large cohort studies which involved more than 1.4 million people. All volunteers underwent a detailed assessment of their eating habits and diet, and their health condition was monitored for 30 years.

A review of the data showed that each 50 grams more of raw red meat consumed daily—the recommended daily allowance of 85 grams—increases the risk of ischemic heart disease by 9%. And in case of adding 50 grams of processed meat—for example, bacon or ham—this risk increases by 18%.

Research has also shown that consuming any amount of poultry meat is not linked to the likelihood of developing ischemic heart disease.

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