Experts say coronavirus vaccines might not be effective against "delta" strain

July 28, 2021  16:39

The current vaccines might not be effective against the new “delta” strain of the coronavirus since the vaccinated might get infected with the strain, says Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Rochelle Walensky, TASS reports.

Walensky says those bearing the strain of the coronavirus might even be people who have fully received the doses of the vaccine, adding that such cases have already been recorded.

Walensky also said this situation is a cause for serious concern and calls on everyone to get vaccinated and not disregard individual protection rules.

Moreover, American epidemiologists are concerned that the vaccines might not be effective in case of emergence of new types of the coronavirus. According to them, several mutations might lead to the emergence of a strain that will spread more easily than the previous ones, and people might not be able to protect themselves from the virus with the current vaccines.

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