Who needs to get re-vaccinated against COVID-19?

July 29, 2021  13:29

Re-vaccination stimulates the organism to produce twice as many antibodies. This is what Head of BestDoctor Department for Development of Medicine Yulya Tkachenko (Russia) told Prime Agency.

“Based on the latest studies, a person needs to have a higher density of neutralizing antibodies in the blood in order to protect himself from the new strains of COVID-19 than in the case of previous strains, and buster vaccination is a way to increase density of antibodies in the organism,” the specialist said.

Tkachenko says there will be a higher chance of getting infected, if a person isn’t re-vaccinated and adds that those who have gotten vaccinated need to be re-vaccinated. However, the Ministry of Health of Russia doesn’t recommend vaccination for those who have a strong allergy against any component of a coronavirus vaccine. People under 18 and breastfeeding mothers are also not advised to get vaccinated.

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