Gout drug may be effective against coronavirus and flu

September 14, 2021  13:45

The drug probenecid, used to treat gout, may be effective against coronavirus, a study published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports claims.

Probenecid inhibits the replication process of the virus in infected cells, thereby preventing its spread in the body. In clinical studies on hamsters, scientists from the University of Georgia and TrippBio have discovered that the drug can be used as a prophylactic agent before or after infection against coronavirus and influenza.

Also, in cell cultures, the effectiveness of probenecid against the human respiratory syncytial virus was shown.

In addition to direct action, probenecid can increase the effectiveness of other drugs, the researchers note. It is already being used to enhance the effect of certain antibiotics.

Scientists are currently trying to calculate the most effective dose of the drug to combat coronavirus; clinical trials will begin within a year.

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