Which factors hinder production of antibodies to fight against the coronavirus?

October 14, 2021  15:47

Therapist Alexander Barvinsky says the lack of vitamins and mineral substances may hinder the production of antibodies after vaccination.

Vechernyaya Moskva reports that, according to the specialist, hypovitaminosis develops due to an improper diet, while a healthy and growing human organism, which has sufficient nutrients, has a better interaction with the vaccine.

“If a person doesn’t eat right, doesn't have complete meals and has few fats, proteins and calories, his or her reaction to the vaccine will be worse, and the immune response to vaccination will be worse than the immune response of a healthy person with a normal diet,” Barvinsky said as he listed the factors hindering the production of antibodies.

To make it easier for the organism to produce antibodies after getting vaccinated against the coronavirus, it is recommended to eat right and give preference to food rich in nutrients. Only after receiving a doctor’s prescription may a person use biological supplements.

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