How does immunity affect COVID-19?

October 20, 2021  18:50

At different times of the year, people transfer coronavirus infection in different ways, and this depends on the different phases of the immune system, said Russian epidemiologist and allergist-immunologist specialists.

Human immunity changes throughout the year, becoming weaker and stronger. Therefore, depending on the phase in which a person was infected with the coronavirus, he may either die suddenly, or he will have an asymptomatic course, they noted.

According to them, there is a connection between the phases of human immunity and solar cycles. And the change of seasons of the year affects the functioning of the immune system, which is actually tied to work during the solar cycle, and when there is no sun, the immune system responds worse to infections.

The experts noted that the strongest phase of immunity, when it copes better with COVID-19, occurs in the summer, and the weakest - in the winter, when the immune system does not receive enough sunlight.

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