What are 5 early signs of stroke that everyone should know about?

November 30, 2021  09:44

The first signs of a stroke appear a few weeks before the actual stroke, but many do not pay attention to them. The specialists at the German Heart Foundation have noted these symptoms.

Focus writes that the five early signs of a stroke include a stroke of half of the body, an arm or a leg, lowering of the corners of the mouth, or difficulty in smiling.

The specialists also advise to pay attention to speech disorders, such as vague speech, and problems with sentence construction.

Another sign of a stroke can be a sudden, severe headache.

The fifth sign of a possible stroke is blurred vision—even blindness.

Doctors advise that if any of these symptoms appear or, moreover, reappear, consult a physician immediately. Also, they urge high-risk patients to have their blood pressure measured regularly and to definitely focus on irregular heartbeat.

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