Armenia health minister: Restrictive measures applied at the right time enable protecting economy too

December 2, 2021  13:32

This pandemic has created pressure, and it is a very serious challenge in terms of healthcare systems, economies, and national security. Minister of health Anahit Avanesyan told reporters this Thursday—and with respect to the coronavirus situation in Armenia.

"But what is our way? If we do not apply restrictive measures, then what situation do we face? Much worse in terms of both health care, economy, and in all respects. That is, restrictive measures applied at the right time enable us to protect, first of all, people’s lives and health, but also the economy. Also, the same restaurants, the same concert and other activities because if we are having an out-of-control level of illness, we all realize that the problem is already reflecting on us all," she added.

According to the minister, restaurants and other organizations in Armenia cannot disobey the coronavirus-related restrictions being imposed, just as, for example, they cannot refuse to carry out their tax obligations.

"The established rules must be clearly observed. If they are not observed, as in the case of other legal regulations, there are sanctions. What will happen if a restaurant announces today that it will no longer fulfill its tax obligations? It is clear that there will be legal consequences, "Avanesyan said.

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