What are risks of chewing gum?

December 29, 2021  09:42

Chewing gum is harmful for people with high stomach acidity. Such an opinion was expressed by dietitian and nutritionist Darya Rusakova, as well as gastroenterologist, dietitian and nutritional psychologist Nuria Dianova.

In an interview with URA.RU, these experts noted that if people with high stomach acidity start chewing gum on an empty stomach, they may develop ulcers of the stomach and duodenum.

"I would not advise this category of people to chew gum on an empty stomach. It is harmful for those who have braces and tooth fillings in their mouths. The fillings and the tooth contacts can weaken during chewing, and the filling can decay faster," Rusakova said.

Dianova, in her turn, spoke about the useful types of chewing gum. According to her, such a product containing xylite or natural sugar substitute has a positive effect on the flora of the oral cavity. But for that, the chewing gum should be chewed for no more than 5 minutes. If a person makes chewing movements but food does not enter the body, this, according to the specialist, is "not so good."

"In case of excessive use, xylite causes a laxative effect. Therefore, chewing gum can cause aggravation for those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome," the specialist warned.

According to her, chewing gum with menthol enhances reflux and heartburn.

Rusakova added that the use of chewing gum improves the work of salivary glands, and cleanses the oral cavity. This product can be an alternative for people who are used to absorbing food mechanically. With the help of chewing gum, they will be able to reduce the number of calories they receive.

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